It’s finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the end of the year! The end of 2020. Wow, this year was definitely not what I expected. COVID-19 truly impacted our lives, didn’t it?

Isolation is obviously difficult, but I believe in looking at the silver lining of every situation. During this unfortunate time, I had so much time on my hands, allowing me to create poems on, exercise regularly, paint, even write this blog. More importantly, I got to spend time with my amazing kids and incredible husband. So yes, this year wasn’t ideal, it was incredibly hard, more so for others. However let’s toast to all the things we could accomplish during this period. Cheers to some time well spent, and more importantly the end of this year!

Time to celebrate, respecting all COVID guidelines of course. What to wear, what to wear? Well, my go-to new years outfit always has an abundant amount of glitter. Really, go crazy on the glitter. I feel like this is super festive and fun but classy at the same time.


It’s the last bash of the year and I think it’s a great idea for your clothing to have a little party too. Wearing sparkly clothes is a way to celebrate 2021 and the new and exciting things the new year might bring to us. Glittery clothes spread positivity and light, making sure the new year is a night to remember.

Here is some inspiration for sparkly clothes :


This is a dress I bought from Coton, it is perfect for New Years. I absolutely adore the blue sparkles, it is definitely very eye-catching.

This gorgeous dress is from Pull & Bear. Remember, it’s important to accessorise which is why I paired this with black boots and a black purse.

The white sparkly dress on the left is from Self Portrait, my favourite part are the beautiful flowers arranged all around it. The shimmery maroon dress on the left is super glitzy, it’s definitely the right fit for New Years, I bought it from Coton as well.

I am in awe of this glimmering floral and leaf print dress from Maje. It looks super stylish paired with a matching bag and boots. I decided to go with deep, navy blue.

Lastly, my favourite look out of them all, is this gold pant and white shirt outfit. The pants are from Pinko while the top is from Coton. You can pull off literally anything on New Years and I feel like pants create such a sophisticated and fun look. I put these together with heels the same gold as the pants. 

Finally, make sure you respect coronavirus guidelines but still have an amazing New Years. Make sure to rock your sparkly clothes! Enjoy the end of 2020.


Nikki Shah

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